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Utah, United States
Immune & Anti-Fatigue


CMD is the most powerful, health-giving mineral and trace mineral food supplement formulated by nature for greater bio-electric

CMD is the most powerful, health-giving mineral and trace mineral food supplement formulated by nature for  greater bio-electric health and body mineral balancing.  In today's modern, fast-paced society, supplying our bodies with the minerals they require is difficult.  Many of the food we eat are grown in mineral deficient soil.  Added to this, modern food processing techniques further strip important minerals like magnesium, potassium and boron - minerals that play key roles in our health.  The truth is we may be eating a perfectly balanced diet and still be deficient in minerals and trace minerals.  Supplementing your diet with CMD  can replenish your body with the important nutrients that it may be lacking.

A marriage of nature and science, CMD is a liquid mineral supplement concentrated and balanced for greater energy, vitality and well-being.  Harvested from the pristine waters of the north shore of Utah's Great Salt Lake, CMD contains a natural balance of 72 verified minerals and trace minerals. To produce





CMD, it takes, on the average, two years for the minerals and trace elements to reach the right balance.

During this process, MRI routinely makes the tests to ensure optimal concentration and balance.  Only when these factors are in perfect unison and meet the MRI standards will MRI harvest the minerals.  Best of all, the minerals and trace minerals in CMD are contained in ionic form, one of the most widely utilized forms of minerals in the body.

Twenty drops once or twice daily provide the body with the important minerals it needs to support general health and well being.


CMD-Concentrate Mineral Drops is easy to consume.  Just add a few drops to your hot or cold drinks or food.  20-30 drops per day for adults; 1 drop per 2 kg. weight for children.  It can also be applied externally.  Place a drop or two on affected areas.  You may also dilute 40 drops of CMD in 50 ml. water and spray it over your face or body parts to give you a refreshing feeling.  You may also use CMD in cooking to enhance the flavor and nutrition of your food.  Use of CMD is not limited only to human beings.  It is also good for plants and animals.

Normal Reaction:
1.  A slight change in the amount of perspiration.
2.  Slight change in the color and clearness of your urine.
3.  Change in the color and smell of your stool or constipation.
4.  Tingling sensation.
5.  Other bearable changes or sensation that notifies

The above are some of the noted normal reactions to CMD.  Do not be alarmed as these are the signs that CMD is detoxifying your body of internal toxins.  Continuous use of CMD will strengthen the immune system to be more resistant to disease.

"Give the body the nutrition it needs and allow the body to heal itself."  This is the guiding philosophy behind the CMD.  We don't heal the body.  Instead, we use nature's goodness to help the body to heal itself.  Try and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!!!

1 to 3 yrs. old
4 to 6 yrs. old
7 to 10 yrs. old
11 to 15 yrs. old
16 to 20 yrs. old
21 above
2 Drops/day
3 Drops/day
5 Drops/day
8 Drops/day
15 Drops/day
30 Drops/day

*40 Drops per day recommended for person below average health.
**3 to 4 Drops per 250ml to re-mineralize distilled water.

it is always recommended that when taking CMD it is better to start taking it low and slow to let the body adapt in the introduction of (CMD) mineral food supplement.


CALCIUM - Bone and teeth formation, Blood clotting, Muscle contraction and nerve transmission.
Deficiency: Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Gallstone, Asthma, High Cholesterol

CHLORIDE - Maintain water balance and acide based balance, stomach acid component
Deficiency: Hair and tooth loss, chronic diarhhea and vomiting, trauma, renal disease

MAGNESIUM - Bone and teeth formation, metabolism, enzyme activation, proper heartbeat, muscle relaxation, nerve conduction

Deficiency: Muscle weakness, menstrual cramps, migraine, highblood pressure, insominia, epilepsy, coronary artery disease

PHOSPOROUS - Bone and teeth formation, acid base balance works with calcium
Deficiency: Muscle cramps, STROKE, Appetite Loss, Cardiovascular Disease, FATIGUE

SODIUM - Acid-base balance, Proper heartbeat, muscle contraction, regulate cell and blood fluid
Deficiency: Dehaydration, weakness, headache, loss of appetite, poor memory

SULFUR - Acid Base balance maintenance, liver function
Deficiency: Urinary Tract Infection, SKin Disorder




"You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to mineral defficiency."

         -- (Two-time Nobel Prize Winner,
                                                     and author of How to Live Longer and Feel Better)


Updated price list after price increase on September 1, 2008:
  • 30ml - P520
  • 60ml - P950
  • 120ml - P1750

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